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30+ Family Photo Wall Ideas to Bring Your Photos to Life

Creating a family photo wall allows you to gather your favorite photos together and bring them to life in your home. Family and friends who visit can view your special memories—but most importantly, you’ll feel the love that always surrounds you. In addition to matching your family picture wall to your home’s decor, designing the best display requires some planning. That’s why we’ve compiled more than 30 family photo wall ideas to offer you inspiration and helpful tips.

Once you’ve selected your design, order framed prints or canvas prints to get your project well underway.

1. Pick a Theme

Create two vertical displays of photos in matching frames, then tie the arrangement together by placing wood art in the middle. Choose a theme like family, friends or vacations—and ensure your photos match the theme.

2. Create Photo Ledges

Arrange your framed photos and artwork on a series of shelves. Layer the design with various shapes, colors and sizes to foster maximum visual appeal.

3. Build Rows & Columns

Design a family photo wall with an assortment of photos. Include candids of the kids playing, laughing and enjoying the great outdoors. Evenly arrange your images in rows and columns, and consider black and white photos for a cohesive look.

4. Be Cohesive

be cohesive

Source: Shutterfly

You can choose a variety of photo styles and still make your family wall look cohesive. Incorporate photos of the family pet, a landscape from a vacation and individual shots, but be sure to select matching frame styles to build flow across your design.

5. Use Foam Board

With a large foam board as the base, this family picture wall captures a range of favorite memories: learning to walk, watching a sunset and playing in the leaves. Building your layout in advance with the foam board allows to arrange your photos in just the order you want.

6. Compose a Gallery Wall

This gallery makes for an ideal accent wall in a living room or bedroom. Create your own by forming a gallery of photos decorated in the same frames. No matter the photos you choose, your family photo wall will have harmony.

7. Repurpose a Window

Transform an old window with panes into a frame for multiple photos—from shots of your family playing on the beach to vacationing together. Build unity within the piece by choosing photos with similar color schemes. For extra style, outline each pane with the same color of paint.

8. Build a Black & White Spread

Whether the photos are from your wedding day or recent family portrait session, edit them to make them black and white. Embrace the two-toned theme fully with white frames and white matting. To bring personality and life to the display, arrange your photos at varying levels and heights—rather than in a single straight line.

9. Gather Your Panoramics

Ideal for panoramic shots—like beautiful landscapes from your summer vacation or stadium views from your recent sports outing—these slender frames capture the whole scene. Line up several frames for a gallery feel. Mix and match the thickness of your frames for necessary contrast.

10. Go Antique

Compose an antique-styled family picture wall with ornate metallic and wood frames. Don’t be afraid to mix shapes, like circular and square, on the same wall. Ensure to leave some open space for easy viewing.

11. Create a Timeline

Present your photos in chronological fashion. Date your photos to show the family’s growth and adventures over the years. Choose family portraits or snapshots from vacations to make your family photo wall come to life.

12. Mix it Up

mix it up

Source: Shutterfly

Generate a mix of styles in one wall gallery: photo clipboards, framed art and a wire board. Include an array of photo styles, too, like a cityscape and a close-up of your favorite people. The eyes are naturally drawn to a spread with texture and dimension.

13. Include Individual Shots

Construct your family picture wall with enlarged printouts of each family member. They can be singing, dancing or posing for the camera. Bring it together with a full family portrait. Be sure to print your photos on high-quality material so they look as sharp as possible.

14. Brighten with White

Choose white matting and frames for your photo array, which can include a mix of family portraits and candid images from a walk in the park or recent holiday gathering. Mount your photos on your wall in slightly asymmetrical fashion to create visual diversity. Toss in extra personality with an accent piece, like one with keys from every home your family’s lived in.

15. Let Travel be the Theme

Have bundles of family photos from vacations? Present them together in a family picture wall that has an explicit travel theme. Diversify your wall by including landscapes, candids and group shots.

16. Plan a Diverse Composition

The best family wall ideas are mapped out in advance. This is especially true when you include an assortment of pieces—like photos, clocks and hanging baskets. Harmonize your composition with a central color such as dark brown or black.

17. Mix Your Colors

While many family photo wall ideas are built with similarly-colored frames and accents, this design utilizes a range of neutral colors. It’s complete with unique pieces like DIY artwork, a wooden arrow and framed family photos.

18. Form a Heart

form a heart

Source: Shutterfly

Build a collage full of love with a heart-shaped design. Select photos that seem to say ‘love,’ whether they capture a favorite local spot, vacation place or person. By clustering your photos close together, guests will be able to see a lot of favorite memories in one easy viewing.

19. Try a Nonframed Arrangement

Photos in a gallery wall don’t need to have frames. Choose your favorite non framed style, like canvas or metallic, and print your photos in the same size. Blend an assortment of close-ups and action shots for a diverse arrangement. For a display that really stands out, make sure to use the best canvas print design and quality.

20. Diversify Your Spread

Create a family photo wall using recent family portraits. Combine framed photos and mirrors on the same wall to create contrast. A signature color, like in these gold frames, visually connects all of your pieces.

21. Incorporate Florals

Heighten the emotional response of your photo display by adding paintings to your spread. Floral designs blend well with photos taken outdoors. Mount your pieces asymmetrically to enhance the texture.

22. Choose a Range of Angles

Select photos with varying camera angles: a photo focused your feet in the sand and an image of your faces as you walk along the beach. Infuse additional dimension into your design by adhering your photos to wooden boards. The wood pieces will add texture to your walls and tie your arrangement together.

23. Maximize Your Theme

maximize your theme

Source: Shutterfly

Using photos of the same theme—like those from a hike in the woods or trip downtown—brings harmony to your photo wall. Try square photos for a unique design that draws in the viewer’s attention.

24. Include Favorite Quotes

Enrich your home with wall art that inspires you, like this spread of candid family photos and encouraging phrases. Intermix your accent pieces with your photos for both balance and diversity.

25. Make a Clock

make a clock

Source: Photojojo

With this design, let each hour represent something special. Consider an assortment of photos to represent each number on the clock, such as favorite family pastimes, holiday traditions and weekend getaways. Add a simple mechanism for your clock with hour and minute hands.

26. Utilize Your Instragram Photos

utilize your instragram photos

Source: Taming Twins

Bring your Instagram photos off of your phone and onto your wall. Print your favorite shots, especially ones that show the true character of your family. Maybe that’s attending a sporting event, heading to the apple orchard or playing a board game together. Place your photos in simple frames for a sleek yet stylish arrangement.

27. Match Your Other Home Decor

When it comes to family photo walls, the most important thing is to match your design with the style of your home—like this white and yellow design that complements the table. Including a range of family photos, like from vacations and everyday life, shows the closeness of your family unit.

28. Construct a Photo Board

Built from a picture frame and a roll of wire, this chic photo board allows for easy updating of images like school photos, sport season highlights and music concerts. Clip your photos to the wires using clothespins—and don’t forget your accents like word art and patterned paper.

29. Cascade Your Photos

cascade your photos

Source: Shutterfly

Ideal for the wall leading down the staircase, a cascading arrangement optimizes your space. Place one or two photos vertically, but not more, so the photos are easy to view. Choose photos with a natural look, like those of you enjoying the backyard, riding bikes or camping out.

30. Fill an Entire Wall

By optimizing the space of an entire wall, you can present a range of favorite memories, from celebrating graduations to building sandcastles to opening presents together during the holidays. Use solid-colored frames, like red, black and white, to build unity across your design.

31. Go Geometric

Construct a geometric design by placing nails in your wall in a particular arrangement. Be sure to map your pattern in advance with a ruler and pencil. Once you have your design just right, connect the nail dots with string, and attach your photos with plastic clips or clothespins.

32. Bring in Character

Adding texture and personality to a photo wall is essential for visual appeal. Choose photos with plenty of character, like close-ups of goofy faces and candids of family members spending quality time together. The diversity of images along with unique frames will make your family photo wall truly one-of-a-kind.

33. Highlight Individual and Family Shots

This cheery family photo wall is complete with bold portraits and bright colors. Individual shots, including playful candids and professional poses, allow each person’s true personality to shine through. The group photos represent family unity and offer a cohesive feel to the design.

34. Set the Mood to Happy

Construct a hanging photo display with an upbeat theme. Choose photos that capture your family in their happy, fun and goofy moments—whether that’s while reading stories, looking up at the stars or celebrating birthdays together. Tie multiple photos to the same strand and let it all dangle from a clothes hanger.

Creating a memorable and engaging photo wall starts with a creative family photo. Try dressing in matching outfits or taking a photo during your favorite family activity for a photo unique to your family. With your favorite photos in mind, create a photo book or other home decor that you can use to decorate your living room, home office or kitchen. Also, for more wall inspiration: visit these articles about canvas sizes and what is a canvas print.