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50+ Photo Wall Ideas to Transform Your Home

When redesigning a room, treat each blank wall as your own customizable palette. Photo walls allow you to transform the look of a space, showcasing favorite photographs, artistic style and the architecture of a room. When planning your layout, consider a variety of frames, spacing, color schemes and size. Tell a story with your favorite photographs, either grabbing from a colorful Instagram feed or reprinting black and white family classics.

Whether you prefer to mix and match for an eclectic approach or keep things minimalistic and clean, there is a design for you. We’ve collected 50+ photo wall ideas to help inspire and direct you. Once you have an idea of the style you are trying to achieve, find photo wall decor that matches your vision and get started decorating your wall.

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Incorporate a sense of natural charm by suspending black-and-white family photos from a repurposed tree branch and rustic twine.

Source: Bre Thurston

Change up your favorite photos each month with this calendar-style gallery wall. Add a pop of glitter to the frame to balance out the simple display.

Source: Earl Grey Creative

Photo collages stylishly showcase the paint color of a room. Line vibrant photos in white frames against a richly toned accent wall.

Source: Everyday Reading

Experiment with varying frame shapes and styles while keeping within a common photographic theme. Nature-inspired art pairs well with a variety of photo wall ideas.

Source: Fresh Crush

Group sets of framed, pastel florals together to display a graceful gallery wall for a softer bedroom design.

Source: Honey We're Home

Showcase your Instagram feed on an open wall by transferring photos to metal prints. Arrange the colorful prints against a white background.

Source: Frugal Beautiful

Explore the simple art of pressed flowers by displaying them in this delicate gallery wall idea.

Source: Hello Gwen

Pair unique home decor with an equally eclectic artistic style. Contrasting styles liven up an otherwise simple space.

Source: Hello Lidy

Eclectic combinations of frame styles, art and photography balance when showcased in a well-lit spot anchored by accent furniture.

Source: House of Rose

This budget-friendly wall display idea incorporates simple prints within a theme, arranging colorful botanicals in matching black frames.

Source: Jane At Home

Picture displays can also extend across long halls and stairways. Pair family photos in similar frames to pull a look together across a large section of the home.

Source: Honey We're Home

Pull together the aesthetic of the surrounding space by showcasing black and white photographs in a more rustic, monochromatic home design.

Source: Jean Allsopp

A photo ledge display encourages complete design freedom, welcoming a mix of sizes, styles and sentimental touches.

Source: Jessica Brigham

Design your own abstract, geometric string art for hanging your favorite photographs prints over the bed or a mantelpiece.

Source: Lauren Likes

On the letter of your choice, use those paper maché skills to display photos on a large wooden letter. Accent the center of a wall display by surrounding with complementary photos.

Source: Life is Sweeter by Design

Stencil a peaceful mandala or group together a set of balanced, nature-inspired photographs to reinvigorate the corner of a room.

Source: Live from Julie's House

By mixing mediums and color schemes, display travel memories with a varied collection of photos, prints and memorabilia.

Source: Live Laugh Rowe

Repurpose an old metal box spring to hook family photos, old greeting cards and playful design accents.

Source: Lora Bloomquist

This simple photo display idea incorporates a rustic frame, criss-crossed twine and a collection of cards, photos and favorite book quotes.

Source: Muslin and Merlot

Bring back the charm of Polaroids by suspending event or family photos within a large wooden frame.

Source: My Little Artichoke

Transform a wall for the holidays with a festive Christmas photo tree display. Top it off with a rustic star.

Source: Oh Honestly!

Remodel your living room design by lining the walls with stained wood shelves. Line with family portraits in contrasting white frames.

Source: Over the Big Moon

In a neutral-toned room, keep photo displays bright and simplistic, incorporating reflective textures and festive mirrors.

Source: Peachfully Chic

Combine art and function with this photo-display wall clock, letting personal memories stand in for each hour's number.

Source: Photojojo

Print and mount a homemade newspaper story, and proudly display it across your child's bedroom wall for daily motivation.

Source: School of Decorating

Celebrate a colorful boho-chic look in the kitchen with these botanical prints, perfect for an eclectic wall display.

Source: Poppy Talk

Mark your family's travels by framing a vibrant map of the world at the center of your home. Include extra pins for ongoing additions!

Source: Rachel Talks Travel

Craft your own tri-photo frame with this photo display idea. Secure three favorite photographs on a painted block of wood with frames and decorative twine.

Source: Restyle Relove

Pictures from the same photoshoot pair well with matching frames. Their cohesive color scheme spruces up a room and tells a vibrant story.

Source: School of Decorating

Complete your photo display by spelling out family names in large Scrabble letters or with rustic touches of wooden decor.

Source: Start at Home Decor

Framing classic floral renderings round out a large display wall in the kitchen or living room.

Source: Simply Made by Rebecca

Allow family photo displays to spill right off the wall and onto surrounding furniture, utilizing photo blocks and other playful decor.

Source: Spot of Tea Designs

Unique textures and color palettes make for excellent gallery wall themes. This one accentuates golds and rustic finishes.

Source: Start at Home Decor

Transform a neutral-toned wall with pops of color from an outdoor photo shoot. Frame with identical white borders for balance and simplicity.

Source: Talia Audenart

This ever-changing photo display idea combines personal photos, notes of inspiration and a homemade frame project.

Source: The Anastasia Co.

Express personal style with pops of color and funky phrases, all framed in matching black borders.

Source: A Beautiful Mess

Welcome guests with a quote that showcases the love in your home. Farmhouse decor balances the look on either side.

Source: Start at Home Decor

Black and white photos tie together the aesthetic of a softer room design. Extend photos across a corner for balance.

Source: The Cheerful Home

This gallery wall features brightly framed skeleton leaves, pressed and color-tinted for an artistic display.

Source: The Kreative Life

Weave together all your family generations with a display of matching black and white-style photographs.

Source: A Beautiful Mess

Simple yet stylish, hang over-exposed, black and white family photos from a wooden dowel for a living room photo display.

Source: The Sweetest Occasion

Framed by two windows, this photo wall idea accentuates the architecture of the room while displaying personal style.

Source: Endlessly Elated

In this collage idea, both photos and frames pull in the surrounding color, blending with the overall energy of the room's design.

Source: Holly Baker

Stairway photo displays should tell a family story as you ascend. Mix and match wooden frames for both variety and balance.

Source: Forever Cottage

Mount unframed photos directly to a white wall to showcase the unique color scheme of a personal photo collection.

Source: Free People

Two corresponding canvas-wrapped prints create one cohesive image when stacked side by side.

Source: A Beautiful Mess

Tell a custom story with simplistic photographs in matching, wide frames. Lining a hallway brings the viewer on a journey through the photos.

Source: Holly Baker

Mesh wall art with your photo display to celebrate the family tree above a children's play area or common gathering space.

Source: It Happens in a Blink

Curate your favorite local artists' work into a wall display of varying themes and colors. Tie them together with matching frames.

Source: Little Gold Pixel

Ideal for a children's nursery, trace a heart shape with small printed photos of family and friends.

Source: A Beautiful Mess

Sometimes, simplicity is key. Showcase a wedding on its own above a piece of accent furniture.

Source: Holly Baker