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Office Accessories
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Standout Personalized Office Gifts and Accessories

Home may be where the heart is, but the office is where we spend a good chunk of our time. With so much of our lives dedicated to doing what we love, personalized office gifts and desk accessories make the perfect present for any holiday or occasion. Whether you’re surprising colleagues with Christmas gifts or sprucing up your own personal office space with photos of what’s important in your life, Shutterfly has it all.

Spread Joy with Valuable Office Gifts

If you’re searching for a gift they’ll use regularly, custom notebooks, personalized journals, and notepads can be personalized with photos, names, meaningful sayings, designs and more. There’s nothing better than an office gift they’ll use day in and day out, so look no further than our personalized pads. Great for bulk or individual holiday gifting, these items will surely make them feel appreciated and genuinely valued as a friend, colleague or employee. Besides being a professional gift, they also showcase personality and style, so you can rest easy knowing you’ve added some fun flair to their lives.

Our notebooks, journals, and notepads can be used year-round, and a calendar brings each day to life before their eyes. Not only are you able to personalize our calendars with any photo you desire, but you can also to choose from a wide variety of designs and templates or even design your own. Don’t be afraid to let your inner artist loose for a gift that brightens any occasion. Put a smile on their face with a photo or theme they’ll see every day at the office.

Spoil Yourself with Desk Accessories

Looking for something to cheer up your own office space? Find numerous items to illuminate any desk. Throughout our long work day, we all find ourselves missing our friends, family, and pets at some point, but with a customized desktop plaque, all you’ll have to do is look over and see their smiling faces. Go from a plain workspace to your happy place with desktop plaques that bring joy and customization to the next level.

Desktop plaques are stylish and timeless addition to any office, and a personalized mouse pad is another fun accessory. Choose one or more favorite photos to create a one-of-a-kind mouse pad that showcases your memories. A great way to personalize your workspace, mouse pads are also a practical desktop item that will keep your work flowing smoothly.

Captivating Additions

Design a custom photo cube for a fun and versatile way to display your best pictures. Perfect for any office or home space, our wooden photo cubes are an interesting way to present your memorable photos. Display it for all to see and watch as your friends, family, and colleagues marvel at your artistic abilities.

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